Welcome to St. Peter's

Beginning July 22nd, The congregation will be uniting with the congregation of Trinity Episcopal Church at Bush and Gough. There will be a 9am and 11am service.

Welcome to the St. Peter’s Church website. Here you will find our history, a listing of our services and activities, links to other related sites, some recording of sermons from the past years and most especially a sense of the Spirit that enlivens this great congregation. 

St. Peter’s began in 1867 with a vision of worship that was informed and nourished by Spirit, and it has continued to forge a bold path of innovation that has also recaptured ancient traditions. The congregation has faced many challenges, first with the destruction of the church building by fire, then the second church by earthquake, then the economic and spiritual challenges of the transitions into the 21st Century. Through it all, the congregation has thrived and evolved. We are reaching out to other traditions and incorporating innovations of liturgy and theology.

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We believe that you will find here both a nurturing family home and a challenging call to serve the world. We welcome you no matter what your spiritual path. We find our truth expressed in two somewhat secular slogans, that of “The Olive Garden” and “Home Depot”: that is, “When you’re here, you’re family.” And “You can do it. We can help.”

Come worship and study with us. We think you will feel welcomed, safe, nurtured, challenged and supported on your journey.